Gluten Free Peanut Blossoms 

I have an easy-peasy recipe for gf peanut butter cookies. Head over to A Ranch Mom’s blog to find it;

Gluten-Free Peanut Blossoms


Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls 

Here is an appealing food for these snowy cold winter days. Warm cinnamon rolls oozing with butter and brown sugar and sweet frosting.  You don’t need to be deprived if you can’t eat gluten. Here is your version!


 The ingredient list:

1/2 c. warm water

3/4 c. lukewarm milk

2 T. yeast

1/4 c. sugar 

1/3 c. shortening 

2 eggs

4-5 c. gluten free all purpose baking flour 

 In large bowl, pour in water and milk. Add yeast, sugar, shortening and eggs. Stir to combine. 

Then slowly start adding your gluten free flour as you mix it.  

You can use a mixer or just stir with a large spoon if you’d rather exercise your arm muscles. 😃 

 Add in four cups, then if the dough is still pretty sticky, gradually, 1/4 cup at a time, add more flour. You want it to sorta clump together in a ball, but still be a very soft dough. I ended up using the full 5 cups in this batch.  

Set aside to raise. 

 Melt a stick of butter in a small bowl.  

Mix together 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 T. cinnamon in another small bowl. 

 Once the dough has raised to your satisfaction, (15 min or so) dump it on to a greased counter and knead for about one minute with your hands.  

Roll out dough in a rectangular shape to your desired thickness, approx 1/2 – 3/4 inch.  

Pour the melted butter on and spread around. Sprinkle lots of that yummy cinnamon sugar over top.  

Then, very carefully, starting on the long side, begin to roll it up. It can be hard to get started. If you get cracks in the dough, just pinch together with your fingers and keep rolling.  As you can see, mine has lots of cracks, but it doesn’t affect the taste. 😊

 With a sharp knife, cut into 1 1/2 inch (or thicker, if you prefer) slices.  Place slices on greased pan. Let raise again for about 10 min. At this point, if you like, pour on more melted butter. 

Bake at 350* for 20 minutes or until done. Don’t overbake! Remove from pan and frost with your favorite frosting when cool.  

I used a cream cheese frosting for this batch. I will be posting that recipe in a later post.   

 Sit down with me by the fire now and enjoy one with a cup of cocoa and watch the snow drifting down outside. Just lovely!


Gluten Free Monster Cookies 

Today I am giving you my infamous cookie recipe that is a staple in our house. Mainly because my husband likes these to dunk in his milk and he would eat them daily without tiring of them. I, on the other hand, prefer some variety and so we do eat other types of gf cookies occasionally.  😊

So without further ado, gather up some ingredients.  

  6 beaten eggs1 cup softened butter

1 cup white sugar

1 cup brown OR *raw sugar

1 tsp. vanilla 

2 cups peanut butter 

4 tsp baking soda

8 cups  certified gf oatmeal

1 cup chocolate chips

1 cup m&ms Or Reese’s pieces, optional 

 Crack eggs into your mixing bowl and beat a minute. Add sugar and butter and stir till combined. Add in peanut butter and vanilla and mix. Then add the oatmeal and soda and mix well. Lastly, add your chocolate chips.  

 Scoop out large spoonfuls and put on greased cookie sheet.  I like to flatten my slightly with the back of a spoon. But you don’t have to. I like how they look and it’s easier to produce a moist, chewy cookie. A mound of dough will end up drier and crumblier. 

Optional- sprinkle m&ms over top of each one. 

Pop them in the oven at 350* for 10-12 minutes. This is for a soft chewy cookie. My husband likes them baked longer till crispy so they absorb more milk when he dunks them. 

For the soft cookie, it’s important to get them out when they still look barely done, as in they have some ‘moisture bubbles’ on top. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of this, but it’s  something you will get a feel for from just baking several sheets and seeing them.  

 Leave them on your baking sheet a minute or two to cool after removing from the oven. This is crucial or they will fall apart. Then carefully remove to paper towel or clean cloth.using a wire rack to cool is also a bad idea. They will sag between the wires while warm and then harden like that and break when you take them off. Speaking from experience here. 😀

 Or if you don’t have time to bake cookies, divide the dough into two cookie sheets and flatten into bars. This is a lot less work and much faster method. They make delicious bars! Just bake for 20 minutes or until done.  Leave in the pan a few minutes before removing. 

Then devour! 

This batch makes lots of cookies! You can easily halve the recipe.  But they freeze well too. So I make a batch and freeze them, hoping I won’t have to make more for  several weeks. But they never make it to the two week point.