Perfect Gluten Free Pie Crust 

Do you like to make pie? I do! 

And here is a great gluten free pie crust for your holiday baking! 

Gather up your ingredients: 

5 c. Gluten free 1 to 1 baking flour

2 c. * butter OR lard

1 T. Vinegar

1 Egg


 *butter makes your crust very tasty. Lard makes it flaky. I like to do half of each for the flavor and the tastiness. 

 Cut your butter into the flour.  You can do this by hand or I like to just use my kitchen aid. Mixing by hand probably results in flakier crust. 

 Next put your egg and tablespoon of vinegar into a 1 cup measure, fill up with cold water and mix up a little with a fork.  

Slowly add to your flour mixture. Combine until just barely mixed.  

Now I like to set it in the frig for about an hour to make it more workable. But it is totally optional and you can use it right away. It will be slightly sticky, even when chilled.  Sprinkle your counter with gluten free flour into about 5 balls and roll out.  

Keep dusting your crust with gf flour as you roll it out or it will stick to the counter. Fold it gently in half and carefully transfer to pie pan. Patch up the cracks. Trim the edges.  

This recipe makes about 5-6 single crust pies or 2-3 double crust. It depends also on the size of your pie pan. 

There you have it- perfect gluten free pie crust for all your holiday pies! 

Gluten free  Pumpkin pie recipe coming up next! Or go Here to find a delicious and gluten free apple pie filling! 


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